Texas Vodka | Enchanted Rock Vodka, The True Spirit of Texas

For over 10,000 years, Texas natives and settlers were drawn to the power of Enchanted Rock. Its rugged beauty and timelessness embodies the spirit of Texas. So does Enchanted Rock Vodka.

A Smooth, Grain Vodka Made in The Heart of Texas

Each bottle is handcrafted and captures the essence of Enchanted Rock Vodka. Our process uses the purest limestone-filtered water before being distilled 6 times. Only the finest American grown grain, machinery, and ingenuity go into our product.

"You've never had it on the rocks like this before…"
When you take a cool drink of our vodka, you'll understand why generations of Texans stare at the landmark with awe. Smooth and earthy. Enchanted Rock Vodka finishes with a pleasant invigoration that is the mark of an excellent distillery.

Savor the taste of Enchanted Rock Vodka on the rocks or create a powerful addition to your favorite mixed drink. Whether you want to add a unique touch to a classic martini or experiment with a refreshing cocktail, your Texas vodka will be good till the last drop.

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