What is Enchanted Rock?

The earliest Texas natives understood the mystical power of iconic Enchanted Rock, and since its discovery by European settlers, generations of travelers and adventurers have been drawn to it.

At Enchanted Rock Vodka®, we craft every bottle to capture that essence, creating a very unique tribute to this landmark’s spirit.


Rebecca Creek OwnersOur Story

Based in San Antonio, Texas, the Rebecca Creek Distillery was founded in October of 2009 by Steve Ison. His vision and passion for high quality spirits led to building our distillery using a blend of old and new technology to produce some of the highest quality distilled spirits available in the ultra premium category. Since our founding, the Rebecca Creek Distillery has become one of the largest artisan spirits producers in the region with our vodkas and whiskey available in over 7 states and servicing many others with more on the way soon.



Copper Pot Still at Rebecca Creek How We Do It

Our still masters utilize large copper pot stills. This still is responsible for most of the smooth taste and creamy body that make our distilled spirits unique. The flavor profile is then rounded out using a proprietary 28-degree frost filtration process that is second to none in the industry.

Our Christian Carl copper pot still produces the “hearts” of our distillate which becomes our spirit in a single batch distillation system. From the copper pot still, spirits enter in vapor form under pressure into a modern 6 plate copper column distillation process for a total time of 16 hours.

The hearts of our distillation then undergo a proprietary 28 degree frost filtration system. This process allows us to refine our products so they can deliver the smooth, flavorful taste profile they are known for. Each of our spirits are then cut to bottle proof using our purified water from the famous Texas Aquifers.

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Tour Our Distillery

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